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“She falls down a well, her eyes go cross. She gets kicked by a mule. They go back. I don’t know.”

January 4, 2011


Just in case you didn’t get enough Christmas Vacation last month I had to relate the above quote to what I do as a Specific Chiropractor.

The title is a rather revealing quote from Cousin Eddie of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation fame in regard to his daughter Ruby Sue and her crossed/lazy eye. Cause and effect were identified in a roundabout way. Each instance involved a trauma to the head and neck resulting in, and fixing, her eye problem.

The funny things is that he was not really making up this type of story. History is littered with accounts of experiencing a head injury resulting in a physical malady, only to have that malady completely resolved with another head trauma. Something got knocked out-of-place by a random force and it was put back in place by another random force.

The signs of a trauma knocking a bone out-of-place resulting in an aberration in neurological function, known by Chiropractors as a Vertebral Subluxation, need not be as noticeable as an individual having a crossed eye. The result can be wide-ranging from neck pain or back pain to ear infections in children. It is even possible for no symptoms to be noticed until some time down the road when the initial trauma is all but forgotten. This basically means that we can’t rely on how we feel as a barometer for our health. We are only aware of a small fraction of what is actually going on inside our bodies.

Before Specific Chiropractic was developed, a Subluxation might have been corrected accidentally by a trauma that reversed the effects of the initial trauma, like Ruby Sue’s crossed eyes.  Specific Chiropractic care attempts to eliminate the randomness of the past by finding the specific point of neurological interference and make the most accurate correction possible, called a specific adjustment. Adjustments are uniquely designed for each individual patient. This eliminates the guesswork as well as randomness involved in eliminating the cause of a problem.

This is not to say that ALL,  people with “lazy eyes”  or ear infections or even pain and headaches will have that condition reversed if they seek out Specific Chiropractic Care. Rather, it is just an observation of how two seemingly random physical traumas to the head and neck both caused and fixed a physical “problem”.

The goal in the our office is to provide intentional correction of the vertebral Subluxation removing neurological interference. There is no 100% guarantee that the present issue will resolve, but there is no guarantee that falling down a well, taking drugs, or having surgery will reverse the issue either. I will take my chances with the least invasive most specific intervention first…then maybe move on to the mule.

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